AGSA Symposium 2017

6th Annual AGSA Student Symposium 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017


SSB 107

9:30 Breakfast Provided by AGSA. Coffee from Art of Espresso!
10:00 Mikael Fauvelle “Recent Work at Fracción Mujular”
10:25 Rachel Hicks “Rural to Urban Migration in the Pacific: Potential Motivations and Effects”
10:50 Lauren Nippoldt “Motivation, Moral Obligation, and Meeting Needs: Care Workers Narratives in Delhi”
11:15 Break
11:35 Nicole Letourneau “WHO Cares? Media and Public Attitudes about the Ebola and Zika Virus Epidemics”
12:00 Taciana Pontes “Cognizing Crisis: Environmental Disasters and The Social Creation of Risk and Vulnerability”
12:25 Lunch Provided by AGSA. Tacos from Taco Villa!
1:25 Madelyn Boots “Generating the Nation: Family, Memory, and Citizenship in Post-dictatorship Chile”
1:50 Belinda Ramirez “An Anthropological Perspective: The Cultural, the Political, and the Ontological in Kichwa Studies”
2:15 Brady Liss “You Got Iron in My Copper! A Research Proposal”
2:40 Break
3:00 Vanessa Lodermeier “Shaping Good Women and Productive Citizens: Anti-Trafficking Care Work and Social Reproductive Labor in Baja California, Mexico”
3:25 Frances King “Domestic Dispatches”
3:50 Social Hour Join us for drinks and snacks and a time to converse with all the presenters