AGSA Symposium 2016

AGSA Student Symposium 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016


SSB 107

10:00 Corinna Most Comparison of maternal investment in two troops of wild olive baboons (P. Anubis) at ecologically different sites in the Laikipia Plateau, Kenya.
10:25 Erica Fontana From Symbols of Rebellion to Cultural Heritage: The Jarocin Festival in Poland
10:50 Belinda Ramirez Religious and Indigenous state-building through political involvement in Ecuador
11:15 Break
11:35 Rachel Hicks Changing Social Mobility, Changing Language Values, and Changing Language Use in the Solomon Islands
12:00 Lauren Nippoldt Care-filled Work: Moral Experiences in NGO Worker Narratives in Urban North India
12:25 Lunch Provided by AGSA
1:25 Craig Smitheram How Bright the Quartz Glows: OSL and new insights on the mining archaeology of Timna Valley, Israel
1:50 Matt Howland &

Brady Liss

GEE Wiz: Google Earth Engine (GEE) and the Future of Remote Sensing in Archaeology
2:15 Mikael Fauvelle Archaeological Reconnaissance at Fracción Mujular: A Small Site with Big Connections
2:40 Break
3:00 Amy Rothschild “Ceremony of oath as the road to lia-los (truth)”: An Analysis of Oath-taking Ceremonies Conducted by Survivors of East Timor’s 1991 Santa Cruz Massacre
3:25 Miranda Wu Title TBD
3:50 Social Hour Join us for drinks and snacks and a time to converse with all the presenters