AGSA Symposium 2015

The 4th Annual UCSD Anthropology Graduate Student Association Symposium

Friday, May 1st, 2015, 10 AM – 4 PM, SSB 107

10:00 Aida Ribot -The casteller movement amid Catalan calls for independence: a linguistic anthropology approach

10:25 Rachel Hicks – Schools and Beyond: The Effects of Language Policies on Endangered Languages in the Pacific

10:50 Erica Fontana – From History to Memory: Emotion and Experience as Vehicles of Cross-Cultural Historical Education

11:15 Break

11:35 Mark Irish – The Ceramic Chronology of Lubaantun: Stasis and Change during the Late and Terminal Classic

12:00 Ian Jones – Questioning Technological and Economic “Decline” in the Medieval Rural Levant

12:25 Lunch

1:25 Brady Liss – Renewed Excavations at Khirbat al-Jariya: Investigating the Metallurgical Narrative of an Iron Age Smelting Site in Faynan, Jordan

1:50 Melanie Beasley – Miombo woodlands and early hominins: A comparison of carbonate stable isotope data from modern Koobi Fora and 3.97Ma Allia Bay fauna

2:15 Kyle Knabb – Rethinking the Cultural and Natural Dimensions of Landscape Pollution in the Faynan Valley, Southern Jordan

2:40 Break

3:00 Ellen Kozelka – (Not So) Fluid Borders (Not So) Fluid Identities: Time, Space, and Identity in Tijuana Drug Rehabilitation Centers

3:25 Amy Rothschild – Malae Melee: A Failed Attempt to Observe the Making of Timor-Leste’s ‘First Feature Film’

3:50 Social Hour

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