AGSA Symposium 2014

2014 AGSA Symposium Schedule

9:30 – Erica Fontana
History Under Construction: Making a Past for the Present

9:55 – Alexis Tucker Sade
Honorables, Conrables, and a Function of Corruption

10:20 – Alicia Boswell
Comunidad, Chaupiyunga, Why are you here?


11:00 – Matthew Howland
GIS-based Investigation into Site Formation Processes through Balloon Photography, Structure from Motion, and Ethnoarchaeology.

11:25 – Ian Jones
The Decline and Fall of the Byzantine East: Reflections on a Persistent Archaeological Myth.

11:50 – Amy Kennemore
Storytelling Coloniality: Indigeneity, Decolonization, and the Politics of Radical Alterity in the Andes.


1:15 – Hans Hubbard
Feuds of a Thousand Years: Explaining Europe via the World System

1:40 – Aaron Gidding
The Development of Copper as a Fungible Commodity

2:05 – Mikael Fauvelle
Fun with Asphaltum


2:45 – Amrita Kurian
Biopolitics of tobacco: the politics of risky consumption in India

3:10 – Andrew D. Somerville
Exploring Food Production at Teotihuacan, Mexico: An Isotopic Investigation of Rabbit Management and Breeding

3:35 – Giacomo Gaggio
A Paleoethnobotanical analysis of the Tiwanaku Temple of Omo, Moquegua, Peru.


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