Action Needed: Help Protect our International Friends and Colleagues

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security proposed a new policy that intends to restrict the J1 and F1 visa limit to a four-year timeline for some and a two-year timeline for 59 countries. The policy can be found at

Before the policy goes into effect, they have given a period of 30 days to comment on the policy (till October 26).  Link to submit comments –

It is extremely important and time sensitive so we need as many people as possible to comment on the proposed draft of this rule before October 26. Anyone can comment on the draft and you do not need to be a citizen or directly impacted by it. UAW has created an easy way of submitting comments and will also be providing a template. However, it is highly recommended that people post unique comments or personalize the template as opposed to using the template without edits because repetitive comments are easier to bunch together and dismiss whereas unique comments force the DHS to take the time to process and consider each one. According to the UAW, the Trump administration is going to try and push for the final draft of this by December 20.

The UAW in collaboration with other unions representing grad students across the US held an information session. The recording of the information session is available here: Notes from the information session were sent out of email.

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